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Wonderful sea, warming sun and gentle white sand - this is a basic set of pleasures for a good beach holiday in the summer! But where to look for him? We have made for you the top 10 resorts, where you can spend unforgettable holidays!


 The land of pyramids, pharaohs and the incredible sea. Ancient Greeks considered this country a secret! So we certainly will never solve the mysteries of ancient Egypt. However, it just attracts millions of tourists to Egypt. Still, agree, in our century of advanced technologies it is interesting to break the head over the construction of the pyramids and the sphinx. After all, where, if not in Cairo and Luxor, on the banks of the great Nile, in every stone and in the hieroglyphs, a mystery is felt with a special force? And the hot air from the desert of Sahara, exhausting under the rays of the great Ra, so zealously conceals from us the secret of ancient civilization, the tomb of Tutankhamen and the Valley of the Pharaohs.

 But all this is dimming when it comes to resting at sea. The Red Sea is a dream, the Great Barrier Reef in miniature! In Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, Marsa Alam you can easily feel yourself Jacques-Yves Cousteau. But we will open the main secret of ancient Egypt even before meeting with him. Heart! The Egyptians believed that everything should go from the heart. The heart is a vessel that a person fills with his actions throughout his life. From the fact that it fills - light or vicious, divine or corrupted, the fate of a person depends not only during life, but also after death. So, friends, fill your heart bowl with only positive and good deeds!



This is a country where there is absolutely everything to want to come back here again and again. Stunning beauty is nature, as many as four seas and more than 400 beaches, which are marked by the Blue Flag. Incredible sweets, diverse kebabs are the pride of local cuisine, a huge selection of fruits and vegetables and the most delicious coffee in Turkish. And, of course, warm and bunching from the first minutes of hospitality and care that you feel at every step, and a special atmosphere of ease and home comfort. 

We want every trip to Turkey to leave a lot of vivid impressions. Together with our partners, we thought over everything to the smallest detail and made sure that the most comfortable and beautiful holiday awaited you


Rest in Spain is a combination of warm sea, bright southern sun, magnificent examples of architecture and hotels with excellent service. Here you can enjoy an afternoon siesta, sipping sangria at a table in a local cafe with a view of the surrealist creations of Antoni Gaudí.

The main thing is why most tourists go to Spain - beautiful beaches. On the mainland are the resorts of Catalonia - Costa Dorada and Costa Brava, popular this direction and thanks to the proximity to Barcelona with many monuments of antiquity. It is impossible not to mention the Balearic Islands: the youth mecca of Ibiza and the cosmopolitan Mallorca. Pearls of the Canary Islands for many centuries remain the island of the eternal spring of Tenerife and the more secluded Fuerteventura.



Italy has always attracted travelers with its monumental landscapes, alpine slopes, southern beaches and northern lakes.

 This magnificent country on the Apennine peninsula is washed by the five seas and is bordered by Austria, Switzerland, France and Slovenia.

 On the territory of the state, more than half of the cultural and historical values ​​of Europe are concentrated - no wonder Italy is called a country-museum. Numerous monuments of ancient Roman civilization, as well as works of art from the Renaissance - this is just a tiny fraction of what can be seen in the museums and galleries of this amazing country.

 Travel to this fabulous country gives tourists the opportunity to relax in a European city, combining cultural rest with sea walks and relaxation on the beach.



This Balkan country hospitably welcomes visitors and is famous for its democratic prices. Tourist zones here are transformed from year to year. You can retire in one of the quiet places with a virgin nature or relax with chic at well-equipped resorts.

 Calm and clean Black Sea, sandy beaches with a gentle descent into the water, mild climate, as well as an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables perfectly suited to those who planned to spend a family holiday with young children.

 Hotels in Bulgaria, which are waiting for guests at any time, are becoming more modern, with each year the service is improved and infrastructure is developed.

 A trip to Bulgaria is an excellent opportunity to relax on the coast for a reasonable amount. This is a good rest for the whole family.



 Greece is known for its many ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, a friendly atmosphere. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. Greece consists of a mountainous continent and hundreds of islands, where each of them offers their share of stunning scenery, historical places and cultural attractions.

 Greece embraces graphic mythology, fascinating history, glorious sources of philosophical thought, as well as the cherished ideals of unity, the joy of life and its simple pleasures.

 The best time to visit Athens and the Greek islands begins in May, when the average temperature is 21 degrees and lasts until June. July has an average monthly temperature of 28 degrees. The first two weeks of June have fine, sunny and warm weather, with small clouds or rain. Most precipitation falls between November and February, when Athens can be colder and windy than you might expect.



 The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is famous for those who like relaxing on the beaches, who prefer moderation in everything. There is a mild climate, clean sea, comfortable hotels without expensive excesses, enough for a small vacation excursion and excellent cuisine. The advantage is not too long flight. Having weighed all the pros, the beach vacation in Cyprus is chosen sooner or later by the absolute majority of travelers, for whom all of the above is of great importance.

 The climate of the island is called temperate, marine and its main advantage is a large number of sunny days. Even in winter, it is rarely colder + 15 ° C, and already in mid-May the swimming season starts. Air temperature to the beginning of school holidays surely rises to 30-degree values, and in the sea at the main resorts thermometers show in the first days of summer up to + 23 ° C.



 Cozy Montenegro is an inexpensive and high-quality beach holiday, monasteries and monuments of the Middle Ages, a quiet surface of lakes and greenery of national parks. The country with Slavic soul native to us is popular not only because of the nature, high quality of rest, but also the budgetary nature of the tours that are available to many. Those who thirst for peace and unity with picturesque spaces, as well as families with children will be satisfied with the trip to this region.

When is it better to go?
The local climate is moderate, in the central regions of the country somewhat cooler than the coast - the influence of the Alpine weather affects. Near the sea, the ideal summer is a long, hot, without rain. Winter is short and damp. The swimming season for the joy of visitors begins at the end of April and lasts until November. The best time to travel here is May-October.




 Croatia meets a mild climate, snow-white beaches and bright colorful nature. She loves every tourist, giving her free clear water, warm sunny days and clean air. Croatia has a record number of national parks. Why should not she share her wealth with tourists?

 Fabulous Istria, pleasing with its resorts, historically rich Zagreb, delightful Dubrovnik and many other tourist areas will give you a pleasant experience, opening up a lot of sights of ancient architecture, green expanses of forests and wonderful hotels.

 Croatia attracts everyone not only with the Ardatic Sea, but also with the fact that there are 1185 islands in the republic, where everything is needed for relaxation and good rest: forests, beaches and mountains. It is difficult to choose a place to relax in Croatia. All because the eyes are scattered from the "assortment" of resorts.


 Tunisia is located in the northern part of the African continent. Tourists who come to this country will meet magnificent sandy beaches, warm sea and a favorable climate for recreation.

 Those who want to see interesting excursions that will get acquainted with the sights of the country are the capital of Tunisia, the great Carthage, the town of Sidi Bou Said, the Bordeaux museum, the Sahara desert with its oases and many others. Hotels, as a rule, have a beautiful green territory, access to the sea, but the main one is a spa complex where you can get a course of renowned thalassotherapy.

 Fans of diving can immerse themselves in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the country almost all year round.